Tuesday, March 9, 2021

CN1 from South Korea showing all their ALD tools in a new video

Here is a nice new promotional video on CN1 ALD product offering showing a lot of detail into chambers and gas boxes for all you ALD geeks out there! CN1 was established in 2008 in Gyeonggi-do South Korea, and has a very broad ALD product portfolio including single water reactors, cluster tools and large batch ALD furnaces called Mega. Please find their complete offering here: LINK. According to the information in the video they have exported ALD tools across the globe to USA, Russia, Singapore, China and more.

I like CN1 very much since amongst all the great Laboratories in South Korea they also link to The BALD Engineering ALD Blog and I am also very proud to be listed as one of the two "The Best ALD News Blogs"! LINK Now I also know what the B in BALD really stands for :-)

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