Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Picosun ALD reactors installed in Africa's first ALD-Lab at University of Johannesburg RSA

BALD Engineering has earlier reported on the first ALD-Lab in South Africa (LINK). The University of Johannesburg started a laboratory construction implementing the strategy to establish national nanotechnology in South Africa and ordering ALD Equipment from Picosun in Finland. The ALD cleanroom facility is providing an ultra-low number of particle (ISO-7) and nearly vibration- free environment for the two state-of-the-art ALD reactors (Picosun R-200 and R-200 advance), which allow the engineering squad to study numerous states and properties of various unique new nanomaterials at the atomic scale. It will be a unique building in Africa and seeks to lead the world in state-of-the-art research on nanotechnology.

According to reports (LINK) the Picosun reactors have now been delivered and installed in Johannesburg.

Rigardt Coetzee, Researcher and Coordinator at University of Johannesburg in LinkedIn: "Africa's first Atomic Layer Deposition Laboratory. The first 5nm thin film grown at atomic level. Honoured to have been the first to produce this thin film in RSA. I know these reactors will serve South Africa Well in the Industry 4.0 revolution."

Photos from the installation of the new Picosun ALD reactors in the clean rool at University of Johannesburg. Photos from LinkedIn post by Rigardt Coetzee (LINK)

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