Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Invited Speakers for EuroCVD-BalticALD 2017 in Sweden

From left to right: Angel Yanguas-Gil, Martin Magnusson, Stacey Bent, Claire Carmalt, Annelies Delabie, and Nicolas Blasco.

Invited speakers:

"Growth under the influence of chemistry: understanding the evolution of microstructure and the emergence of crystallinity during the early stages of growth"
Angel Yanguas-Gil
Argonne National Laboratories, USA

"Aerotaxy: an efficient aerosol-based method for growth of device quality semiconductor nanowires"
Martin Magnusson
Lund university, Sweden

"Topographical and area selectivity in atomic layer deposition"
Stacey Bent
Stanford University, USA

"AACVD of metal oxides: from precursor synthesis to TCOs and photocatalysts"
Claire Carmalt
University College London, UK

"Nucleation mechanisms for Chemical Vapor Deposition and Atomic Layer Deposition of 2D semiconductor materials"
Annelies Delabie
Imec, Belgium

"Extending ALD adoption in Sub-14nm Nodes, and Beyond Semiconductors, Through Precursors Innovation"
Nicolas Blasco
Air Liquide, France

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