Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Critical Materials Council (CMC) Celebrates 1st Anniversary

Please Join Us in Celebrating the 1st Anniversary of the Critical Materials Council as an integral part of TECHCET, formally with SEMATECH. 
A big "Thank you" to the original CMC members for their continued support!  
Over the course of this year, new members have been added to the CMC, including Intel, Micron, Samsung, and Broadcom. In 2017, we expect to have an even wider international presence.

In celebration, we are offering special discounts to material suppliers and fabs on CMC Membership, proceedings from the Shanghai CMC Seminar (just completed), as well as the ICPT Summaries/Proceedings. For more information, please contact Meena Sher at or go to

International Conference on Planarization/CMP Technology (ICPT): Beijing 2016
TECHCET brings directly to you a package of critical information from ICPT Beijing 2016 in the form of executive summaries on the entire event. Authored by Paul Feeney, recognized CMP veteran and technologist, the package includes a set of slides outlining the highlights of every keynote, invited, and oral talk, a hardcover copy of the proceedings, and a soft copy of the proceedings. To obtain your package for $399, please contact Meena Sher at Please also ask about the option to have a Live Presentation and Q&A from our technologist, Paul Feeney.
ICPT is the world's largest conference dedicated to Planarization topics. 365 people registered to observe 117 keynote, invited, oral, and poster papers. 

 CMC Associate Membership Includes:
  • Critical Materials Report of your choosing, including updates throughout the year.
  • Meetings with Analysts
  • Unique Networking Opportunities!
    CMC Conference 2016
  • Discounts on CMC Conference registration
  • Ability to collectively work on issues of common concern (with CMC direction)
  • Opportunity to actively address CMC hot topics
  • ...and more!
Call Us For More Information! 
1-480-382-8336 ex. 101

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