Saturday, April 9, 2016

A very warm welcome to RASIRC for sponsoring the ALD News Blog!

A very warm welcome to RASIRC as a new sponsor of the BALD Engineering ALD news blog! RASIRC based in San Diego California specializes in products that generate and deliver gas to fabrication processes. Each unit is a dynamic gas plant in a box—converting common liquid chemistries into safe and reliable gas flow for most processes. First to generate ultra-high purity (UHP) steam from de-ionized water, RASIRC technology can now also deliver hydrogen peroxide gas in controlled, repeatable concentrations.

RASIRC products that are in use for ALD include:
Next on the CMC Confernce 5-6th of May in Hillsoboro, Dan Alvarez, Chief Technology Officer of RASIRC will present their new technology for Hydrazine delivery in a talk entitled: "Hydrazine as a Low Temperature Nitride Source: Materials Challenges for High Volume Manufacturing"
You will be reading more about RASIRC here in the near future!

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