Thursday, October 22, 2015

Next week : RAFALD a three-day ALD workshop November 16–18 in Grenoble, France

Atomic layer deposition, or ALD, will be the central topic at RAFALD, a three-day workshop organized from November 16–18 by several Grenoble-based ALD experts. On the docket: materials, equipment, processes, and simulation—all for an audience of professionals from industry and academia plus students enrolled in engineering programs. 50 to 100 attendees are expected.

ALD is used extensively in microelectronics and Grenoble, home to some top-notch equipment and facilities, has become one of France’s major ALD centers. The organizers are planning to build on this workshop—the first national event of its kind in France—to launch a national network dedicated to ALD. The new network could reach beyond microelectronics, attracting professionals from the energy, textile, biology, and organic electronics sectors.

Lundi : Tutoriels - MINATEC
  • Historique et principes de base de l'ALD (F. Donsanti),
  • Précurseurs (S. Danièle)
  • Equipements (J. Kools)
  • Appplications actuelles et émergentes (C. Vallée)
Session Posters
Mardi : Sessions scientifiques - MINATEC
  • Simulations et précurseurs ALD
  • Croissance, caractérisations et applications émergentes
Mercredi : Sessions scientifiques et construction du réseau - Campus Saint Martin d'Hères. Amphi OUEST Chimie
    • Présentation du Labex CEMAM.
    • Construction du réseau RAFALD, Réseau EU COST HERALD. 

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